Beyond Fitness

If you’re a visitor to this site, chances are you are afflicted with the same disease as we.  While you put one foot in front of the other, day in and day out, nothing is ever quite enough to quiet the hunger that burns inside you.  You never stop pushing yourself further and further, smashing personal records and striving to prove them all wrong.  However, despite all the gains, and all the victories, every win in life seems to push even newer goals further along down your path, almost as if you’re staring into an old funhouse mirror.  You never quite get the chance to declare with pride, “I have arrived!

We live in a world where fitness rules the day.  Fitness of body.  Fitness of mind.  Fitness of character.  The word “fitness” is defined as “the quality or state of being fit.”  The term “fit” is simply defined as “sound physically and mentally.”  If you’re reading this, however, it’s reasonable to assume you can probably check that box, even if you aren’t anywhere near your long-term goals.

And as you look into the mirror and continue to check those boxes as your goals are met one by one, you might tell yourself that you will soon be arriving!  The exit from this proverbial hall of mirrors must be close, probably right past your very next milestone or two.  You might finally get to put your feet up and say, “this is it… I’ve made it at last!”  You might be just around the corner from the holy grail, so to speak.

The secret is, as we know all too well, that day will never come.

What then becomes the finish line? Why are we continuing this grind when we are already “fit” by definition?

Some call it ego.  Others may call it humility.  There are even those that will go so far to say that you suffer from a condition known as “body dysmorphic disorder.”  Maybe you’re too modest to admit when you have truly risen above.  What matters is that the answer, as well as your success in life, will never be found in the “why.”

In 2011, the fastest a full marathon had ever been completed was just over two hours and three minutes.  That was after smashing the previous record of just two hours and four minutes set in 2008.  In 2014, the record was broken again in just under two hours and three minutes (2:02:57), which is a blistering 4:41 mile over 26.2 miles.   However, as fast as that may be, in 2017 the record was broken yet again at a staggering two hours and twenty-five seconds, coming so disappointingly close to Nike’s coveted Breaking2 challenge.

The Breaking2 challenge is an example of human evolution in real time.  We all know the teachings of Darwin and his idea of evolution over eons.  But what we also know is that when we get out of bed every morning, the drive to be better than yesterday exists on a level that we can see and feel.  It’s evolution that we can quantify.

There is no doubt that the 2-hour marathon will be behind us soon.  It’ll be old news.  In fact, it might have already been broken by the time you’ve stumbled across this site.  However, despite the hype surrounding these miraculous feats of human evolution, nobody ever legitimately asks “why.”  The “why” simply doesn’t matter.  Nobody gives “why” a second thought when chasing greatness.

Where is the “why” as you wrap your hands around that bar to deadlift a weight never dreamed of six months ago?  Or how about when you get under that iron to bench the very same weight you saw the “big guys” throwing around when you first walked through those gym doors so many years before?  Where was the “why” when McGwire cracked that 62nd home run over the left field fence at Wrigley Field in ‘98?  Did anybody question his intent to beat Roger Maris’ long standing record?  Or “why” Bonds would want to go even further and break the record again just three years later?  Clearly, those who find success in life don’t waste time on the “why.”  The “why” was already answered on day one for us, immediately following the birth of our competitive spirit.

As human beings driven by the intrinsic need to be better than before, or the requisite to evolve, the “why” is hard-wired within us.  It’s what defines us.  It’s what drives us.  It’s part of our very fabric.  Despite that, however, through all the hopes, through all the dreams, through all the hard work, it is clear that real success comes from focusing on the “how.”

How do we grow?  How do we become better than before?  How do we rise above?

Welcome to Forced Rep.  We know what you’re training for.  We know your competition.  We know what it’s like to never truly “arrive.”  We know that greatness hides within the wrinkles of “how.”

At Forced Rep, we know that like us, you will always reach for the next evolutionary edge and we hope you will join us in that journey.  This is the home of rising above and going beyond.  Beyond the training.  Beyond the diet.  Beyond fitness.


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