Legs – August 19

As usual, leg workouts always start out with a form of leg curl variation to get blood flowing.

Lying Leg Curls: We started with a really light weight and did sets of 8 going up in weight until 8 got real heavy. Last set was a drop set: 8x8x8 with a 2-second squeeze on the top of each rep.

Quads: Next we moved to this pretty crazy giant set of leg press, hack squats and squat machine. Loaded up the machines and did heavy sets of 8. All with a 2-second negative.
So it went like this:
Leg press for 8, walked over to the Hack Squat for a set of 8 then slowly walked over to the squat machine and did 8 on that. After the squat machine we rested 2 minutes and repeated the giant set for a total of four rounds.

We followed that up with a pretty nasty superset of squats and lunges. At this point my legs were trashed so I didn’t have much left and I hadn’t done squats in a while since I have been rehabbing my knee.

Squats: Worked up in weight going up by 25’s doing sets of 8. I only went up to 315 as I was beat and legs were rusty.
Lunges: 8 steps per leg.

I usually like to finish the leg workout with another hamstring movement but like I said, I was completely done.

Give this a try and let us know what you think. Actually let us know if you got through the entire workout…GOOD LUCK!


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