True Grit

Too often we hear and say these words and too often we have no idea what they mean. If you have ever watched this iconic movie then you are probably familiar with the ending: Rooster Cogburn valiantly riding his horse, desperately trying to save Mattie. At one point she tells him to stop because the horse is tired. His reply: “He’s got miles yet!” Rooster and that horse epitomized True Grit. Not only did they epitomize those words, but they lived them every single day. True grit was in their DNA. Both Rooster and that horse knew that would probably be their last ride together, but I can promise you that because of their DNA they never even gave it a second thought. They did exactly what had to be done even if it could cost one of them their life.


Grit can be defined as a trait based on someone’s ability to persevere despite the presence of many challenges and obstacles to achieve a given goal. It’s that trait that screams at you and tells you to keep pushing when the entire world is giving up on you. True Grit is that innate ability to wake up with a sickening, relentless work ethic. It’s the ability to push beyond exhaustion. It’s what makes you wake up at 2:59 in the morning for an hour of cardio before you drive 80 miles to work. It’s what makes you go to the gym when your body is everything but broken. True Grit makes you push through those Forced Reps when every muscle fiber in your body is completely destroyed. It makes you get back on the treadmill for another hour of cardio because winning is the only option. True grit is what makes you survive the hunger and the restless nights without completely losing your mind. True Grit…is what makes you look your son in the face and promise him you will do everything possible to win a $30 trophy.


Before you say you exhibit True Grit, ask yourself this: “Are you tired or are you exhausted?” Before you hang your hat and go to bed tonight can you look at the person in the mirror and say you did everything you could possibly do to cast your vision and go after it? Did you exhibit True Grit in every aspect of your life? Did you wake up with a full tank and run that son of a bitch till it was running on fumes? Now let’s take this a bit further. When you are lying on your bed and you are giving your last speech to the world are you going to be able to say, “I did everything I was put here to do and I am leaving with my tank on empty!” Or are you going to tell the world that you need more time because you aren’t done yet? In the movie, Rooster said words that resonated deeply: “He’s got miles yet!” Do you want those to be the last words the world says about you?

True Grit: Make it part of your DNA!


“They tell me you are a man with…True Grit.” Mattie Ross


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