Unfettering “Can’t”

In life, there are many times when we fall short of our goals.   And when we do, we cite many reasons for those shortfalls, but generally, through a veil of frustration and disappointment, those causes are underscored by the word “can’t.”

In the modern world, and especially in your world, isn’t it time to reconsider the true weight of “can’t,” and admit to ourselves that it is nothing more than a facade?

Life is hard.  Though as hard as it may be, there are very few circumstances where one simply cannot achieve the “unachievable.”  There is always another step forward.  Whether it be more training for your physical goals, more education for your professional goals or more involvement in your personal goals, there is always a route toward improvement.  Very seldom in life does “can’t” become a definitive cause to stop us in our tracks.  It most often exists only as a scapegoat – an easy target for us to blindly blame for our obstructions.

However, when the road ahead looks daunting, and as you begin to stumble, ask yourself if you truly “can’t” take another step forward, or if you “won’t,” and subsequently “don’t” instead.

The power of your mind, and will, is enormous and sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to shed light on the reasons you’re allowing yourself to be defeated.

Cannot.  Will not.  Do not.  Which one will hold you back today?


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