If there is one undeniable truth about talent is that it does not exist.There is no such thing as talent. We are all born equals. We learn to walk with one foot in front of the other. And in doing so we fall over and over again. We stumble, we break bones, we bleed and we cry but we get up every time because something inside of us tells us that walking is part of who we are. So in spite of all the failed attempts and heartaches and after several times of falling down and getting up, we master the art of walking. That is what talent is: mastering that one thing we know we can’t live without.

Soon we start talking, then comes reading and before you know it we’re mastering things like driving and riding bikes. We spend our whole lives working and becoming masters at certain crafts. But somehow, somewhere down the road, in this thing called life, we come to a sudden stop. We stopped riding our bikes at what seemed like 100 miles per hour. We looked at our neighbor and because they were faster, we stopped. And we stopped because we assumed that their being faster was a god-given ability. So we brushed it off and said they were born with more talent. But what we failed to see Is that while we were inside, these more “talented’ individuals were outside on their bikes . They were stumbling, they were breaking bones and they were bleeding. But they never stopped riding their bikes because they fell in love with it and they knew it was something they couldn’t live without. We failed to realize that their talent is the culmination of years of getting their asses kicked repeatedly and failing time and time again. They found their passion and they were relentless in their pursuit of it.

Most people don’t ever find their passion, they don’t ever look for more.  Most of us do what our parents do and what society expects of us so we never do anything outside of that. And we spend our lives looking at these so called “talented” individuals and we convince ourselves they were lucky because they were born with this magnificent thing called talent. We disregard how many times life kicked their ass and how many times they have bled so that they can live out their life the way they painted it and not the way society told them to. And in doing that, we are disrespecting the hours and hours they have suffered to get to where they’re at. The truth is that the “talented” have one thing that separates them from the normal people. What they have is sickening, relentless work ethic.They find that one thing they are passionate about and they let it consume them to a point where they become undeniable at their craft. They convince themselves that if they spend every waking hour mastering their craft, that nobody will be ever better than them at it. They go all in on that one thing. That is how one becomes talented. We are all born equals regardless of the situation we inherit.

There is no talent. We do not have talent! What we have is the ability to work at something every hour of every day for months and years until we master it. Because there is nothing more powerful than a human being consumed with purpose. And if you don’t act on that ability, that is completely on you. Remember, you make your own bed so you sleep in it.

“There is no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist…I am not talented, I am obsessed.” Conor McGregor


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