Legs September 16

September 16, 2017

Lying legs curls: 3-4 warm-up sets. Then 3 sets. Each was a heavy triple drop set of 6. So loaded the rack, did 6, took a few plates off, did 6 more. Took a few more plates off and did 6 more. Each rep was with a hard squeeze and a 2 second negative. WE DID 3 SETS OF THIS!

Leg press: Remember what we just did on leg curls? Well, we were crazy enough to do it on leg press. Except each time we took off weight, we added 2 reps. 3 drop sets per set. Again, WE DID 3 SETS OF THIS:

Squats: Now we squat. Enough said here. Started with light weight and added weight doing sets of 5. 

Hack squats: 1 set of 30 with 3 plates per side. These were done rest pause style: So we went till failure, rested 5 seconds and repeated till we got 30. Another set of 20 with 4 plates per side, rest pause style. Followed by one set of being dead on the floor for 5 minutes.

Standing single leg curls: 2 sets here. Each set went as follows: 10 with one leg then 10 with the other leg. Without resting, switched to original leg and did 8. Now back to other leg for another 8. And…switch for 6, then 6 on other leg.

That was it for legs. This workout was done 3 days ago and I am still recovering.

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