That kid has potential. If he ever reaches his potential…he’s going to be special 

What the hell is potential and how does a person achieve their potential?

By definition, potential is showing or having the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. So, will we ever reach our true potential and develop into the person we are supposed to become?. As humans, we have this instinctual ability to adapt. We have been adapting to the world around us for centuries. We have become bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. And in doing so we have increased our talents and abilities. So as one’s ability or talent increases, so does the circumference of the potential around them. The better we become, the bigger our potential. The bigger our potential becomes, the harder the chase gets. 

So because of human nature and our ability to every obstacle in our way, we will never truly reach our potential. 

Every tree casts a shadow just like every man lives and dies. Living and dying are part of life and what you choose to do with that life is completely up to you. We are all born weak and small and we all die in the exact same manner, and that space in between birth and death can be gone with the blink of an eye. So while we are here, we might as well be larger than life before that windows closes. We are not given this life to piss it away being fragile and weak. Who are we to play small? “Your serving small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people don’t feel insecure around you.” We all have a purpose while we are here. That purpose is not so that we can reach our potential. Our purpose is to spend every waking minute in pursuit of that elusive potential. Because “it is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”I would rather spend the rest of my life chasing perfection, knowing I will never attain it than to spend a single minute playing small. We can case perfection and we can be relentless in that pursuit, but the truth is, we are never going to reach it. We are never going to be perfect. But chasing perfection, or our “potential,” will create unimaginable results. We might never be perfect, but in the process of chasing our potential, we will become extraordinary. 

In order for us to truly chase our potential we have to understand the power of momentum. Momentum is the one thing that can keep us in motion and keep us moving forward regardless of the situation we are in. The law of momentum states that an object in motion will stay in motion until it meets a resisting force. But if you have enough momentum built up, no force in the world will be able to stop you. You just have to get that momentum going. One way to do that is to have constantly greater goals. Set goals and cast visions so large that the very thought of chasing them make you question your own existence. The journey of chasing these goals will eventually culminate into a life of purpose; a life of a relentless pursuit of our potential. 

The pursuit of perfection is what differentiates a successful person from an average person. Someone successful is a human being consumed with the pursuit of his or her potential. An average person doesn’t have any hopes, because if he doesn’t have hopes, than those hopes will never be crushed, and he is okay being mediocre. Because if he is mediocre then he never has to face a real heartache. 

A successful person will jump off a cliff and build his wings on the way down while an unsuccessful person won’t even get close enough to the edge to realize he can fly. 

We cannot stop working on ourselves. Life is an ongoing process.

Spend every day chasing your potential. You will never reach it, you will suffer and it will push you the brink, but it will be worth it. 

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” Zig Ziglar


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