Legs – October 7th

As always, the leg workout started with a leg curl variation. 
Lying leg curls (with added resistance from bands) We did 10 reps with bands and released the bands for 10 more. 3 sets of this, all with 2-second negatives and a good squeeze at the top. 3 total workings sets. 

We then moved to to a pretty intense superset of leg press and hack squats. We did sets of 8 on each pyramiding up until 8 got heavy. Then we did 5 rounds. 5 total working sets. 

Bulgarian drop sets: Started with 1 leg at 60 pound dumbbells for 8. Dropped weight to 50 for 8 and then 40 for 8. Then switched legs and repeated. 2 rounds of these. 

Leg extensions: 4 sets of 25. Finished it off with some slow controlled reps on leg extensions. 

*Rep tempo stayed pretty consistent, with a 2-second negative on almost every rep. 

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