As we discussed in an earlier article, we were all born “naked and afraid,” each of us imparted with a “clean slate.” However, somewhere in our journey, we pushed for more.  Something ignited a fire to become more than the status quo.

From the outside looking in, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders are often categorized as egocentrics driven entirely vanity.  However, as someone who has invested most of his adult life toward this passion, I categorically dispute that.

Sure, there are some who pursue greatness to achieve the attention and approval from others, but external validation alone to fuel motivation is nearly always unsustainable.  Hours, days, months and years of training combined with countless bland meals all for a compliment or two on a Friday night, often from people who really don’t matter in our lives?

Think about it.  If all that work and sacrifice is done for a meagre five minutes of gratification, it could be argued that you aren’t very adept at calculating “rewards-to-effort” ratios.  If we spend our lives trying to impress others, driven by our perception of what others want, it is almost always a tremendous waste of time and energy and our motivation to keep moving forward will almost certainly flat line.

Of course we want to look better.  Of course we want to impress.  It’s human nature.  Nevertheless, for those of us that stick with it, we are driven by something deeper, whether we realize it or not.  Without some form of internal passion, there is nothing to ultimately keep us from saying “screw it.”

So what is it?  What drives you?  Next time you’re on the verge of giving up, when the pain is torturous and the hunger is overwhelming, take the opportunity to look within to find the answer.

The push that you find, the very drive that keeps you coming back for more, is YOUR catalyst and is vastly more powerful than any nod from someone else who will forget you as soon as you leave the room.

Find your catalyst and let it take the wheel.

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