Gift of Imperfections

When we are born, we are absolutely perfect. From our smell our scalp to the touch of our skin and even the tears we shed, everything about us is perfect. On the day we are born we have absolutely no flaws.

Unfortunately this “false” sense of perfection soon comes to an end because soon we encounter the terrible twos and we become a little less perfect. We start crying and throwing tantrums for no reason and in our parents eyes, their perfect little creation changed just a bit. At that point in our life we are discovering who we are and because of that, at that moment everything that was once perfect is now flawed.

When we become teens they say we are too quiet or too loud. We are too shy or we talk too much. We spend too much time in our rooms or too many hours running around outside. Straight A’s get us high praise from some while others bully us. We are criticized for speaking up and standing tall for our beliefs and mocked for not speaking our mind. We learn that if we conform to the norm we might get back a little of the perfection that we lost in adolescence.

In our twenties we are shamed for not going to college and we are criticized for racking up too much student loan debt. We are mocked for wanting to major in art and ridiculed for going to business school. If we finish college we are expected to compete for a job so we can pay off those loans and we become a disgrace if we drop out to pursue our passion. We are expected to find our true calling, but they tell us we are too young to know anything about life.

In our thirties they tell us we are too old for bodybuilding. They tell us that it is a lost cause and pursuing it will only end in embarrassment. And at the same time they have the audacity to look us in the face and tell us we’re no good. They ask us if the last time we competed was our last time competing. Then they call us reckless for pushing too hard and tearing a muscle, and they call us cowards if we don’t push hard enough. They try to tell us this is a sport for people in their twenties but at the same time if you are twenty you are already being shunned for your imperfections. In our thirties they try to convince that our dreams are behind us so chasing them will get us nowhere.

In our forties we are just a bunch of hasbeens holding on to a past that was decided for us before we could even talk. In our forties we are supposed to talk of our days of glory and tell stories of how great we once were. In our forties everything great is behind us: every dream, every want, every struggle, every fight and even every ounce of life is now behind us.

In our fifties we are already dead in life.

The problem is that from the day we are born, they try to convince us that we only have a few good years in us. From the day we are born, we are criticized and torn apart for doing what we want to do. Every day we face images and messages from people telling us who, what, and how we should be. We are led to believe that if we conform and follow their guideline of how life should be lived, that in return, our lives would be perfect.

What they failed to realize is that we are blessed with the gift of imperfection.

Those imperfections allow us to make every mistake possible and learn from them.

Those imperfections allow us to get punched in the face repeatedly.

Those imperfections allow us to fall down over and over, and have the tenacity to keep getting up.  

Those imperfections allow us to fail until we succeed.

Those imperfections allow us to prove every one of those sons of bitches wrong.

“No matter what label they give you, the best thing you can do is prove them wrong.” Pink



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