Impossible Vs. Improbable

Impossible: Not able to occur, exist, or be done.

Improbable: Unlikely but not impossible.

Aside from their definitions there is a huge difference between impossible and improbable. Of course, the most commonly used of the two is the word that has most impact on us: Impossible. When we talk about a task being impossible, what we are referring to is actually the definition of improbable. The truth is “impossible” doesn’t exist. Remember: at one point everything was considered impossible, even a task as simple as walking. So at any given time everything is impossible until it’s possible. And sometimes what is considered impossible just takes longer.

So by definition, these tasks that are often considered impossible are just highly improbable. They will happen, but it will take a long time. It will take countless nights, headaches and heartbreaks. It will even take your insanity if you let it. But defying the odds and doing the improbable is what life is all about:

Tearing the pec muscle completely off your chest and bench pressing 315 pounds four weeks later when the average recovery time is 6-8 months: improbable but not impossible.

Having an injury prevent you from chasing national numbers on the platform and qualifying for national bodybuilding stage 12 weeks later: Improbable but not impossible.

Standing, victorious among giants, knowing damn well, you shouldn’t even be there: Improbable but not impossible.

Deciding to compete just to prove that you belong, and in the process, beating everybody that stood in your way. Then deciding to do it again to prove that it wasn’t a fluke: Improbable but not impossible.

Convincing yourself that you are the greatest even before you are the greatest: Improbable but not impossible.

Being raised in a world where dreaming shunned and growing up relentlessly chasing your dreams: Improbable but not impossible.

Bad knees, bad elbows, deteriorating joints and a lifetime of waking up in pain and still being unbreakable: Improbable but not impossible.

When everything you’ve worked for crumbles around you and you still have 3 sets of eyes looking at you like you’re superman: Improbable but not impossible.

Looking back on your life and being able to say you went round for round with it and no matter how many times it hit you, you got up every time and you shook that shit off: Improbable but not impossible.

Looking back on your fight with life, knowing damn well you got your ass kicked almost every time and being able to say you won: Improbable but not impossible.

Looking back at everything you have done and being able to say this right here, is the greatest moment of my life: Improbable but not impossible.

Looking at the man in the mirror on your last day here telling him you did everything you were supposed to do with the time you were given, your tank is on empty and you have no regrets: Improbable but not impossible.

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” Muhammad Ali

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