Training, lifting weights, bodybuilding, or whatever you want to call it isn’t all it’s cut out to be. 

The truth is, it’s not really that rewarding. Sure, you can break records or win shows; but then what? 

What happens when the dust settles, the flashy lights go off and you’re left standing alone in a cold room with a fake spray tan and a half empty bottle of Gatorade? What are we left with then? 

For most of us it’s back to drawing board, with a tan that has now turned into an awkward orange color. Or a body so beat up that your central nervous system is to shocked to function properly. 

If you are a competitive athlete in any sport and you do what you set out to accomplish, what happens when you accomplish it? What happens when you reach your great grandiose moment? 

After devoting a lifetime to a cause that most people won’t even begin to understand, the only thing we are truly left with, is the room for improvement. 

It’s a chase for perfection that we are destined to lose. None of us will ever be the perfect powerlifter or the perfect bodybuilder. So from the minute we set foot in a gym we become the tortoise chasing the hare. Except in life, the hare doesn’t stop for a nap. The hare is relentless and keeps running full speed for the remainder of your life.

In life we don’t get to be perfect! We can only hope to stay in site of the hares rear view mirror long enough to get us through our next session. 

So why do we train? 

Because sometimes that’s the only thing we have going for us. It’s the constant reminder that we can do the impossible. It is without a shadow of a doubt the reason we will never be average. Because training, if only for one night of our lives, allows us to be extraordinary. 

Do everything in your power to be extraordinary. 

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