Legs – November 4th

Lying leg curls: warm up/pyramid up in weight doing sets of 8. Once right got hard we did 3 sets of a hard 8. Each rep had a one second squeeze on top. 

4th set was a challenge set: Sticking with same weight as previous set, we did 8. Immediately dropped some weight and did 8 more. Once we got 8, we did an ISO-hold for 10 seconds (partner added tension on this). After the hold, we immediately dropped weight and did 8 more with another hold. Then we immediately went back to original weight and did partial reps till we reached failure. 

Let press: Pyramid up in weight doing sets of 12. Once we got to a heavy 12, we started our working sets. 3 sets of 8. Every single rep was done with a 3-second negative and a 2-second pause at the bottom. 

4th set was a set of 8 with same tempo. After we finished our 8 reps, we immediately continued with 12 more at a normal pace. Wow! 

Hack Squats: 4 sets of 20 (20’s will make a man out of you)

Partial leg press/partial leg extensions: 20controlled  reps on leg press (feet way at the bottom of the platform) immediately followed by 20 partial leg extensions.

Standing single leg curls: 3 sets of 8. At this point, I had nothing left. 

That was a wrap! Pure raw intensity. 

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