Confidence – Earn It 

There is one thing that can change your life in an instant. One thing that can take you from average to extraordinary. One thing that can separate you from the pack.There is one single thing that has the ability to turn your fears into untamed strength.

What is that ONE thing? It’s not race, social upbringing, education, or even money. 

It is confidence! Confidence has the ability to change your life, separate you from the masses, and make you an unstoppable force. 

There is one catch with confidence though. As glorious and magnificent as it can be, confidence is something you have to earn. It’s not something you can fake or buy. You have to earn it!

So how do we “earn” our confidence?

Repetition! What most people see as monotonous repetitive behaviors are actually the actions that will give them that unbreakable confidence. Those actions build the type of confidence that will immortalize you for years to come. 

Building confidence is like building a wall. You start with one brick and you lat that brick as perfectly as that brick can be laid. Then you move on to the next brick and do it all over again. Then on to the next brick. You do this for weeks, months and years until you have built the perfect wall.

A lot of people in this world search endlessly for this complex formula to try to understand why some people are successful, but it really comes down to the subject of repetitive behaviors. Repetitive, mundane behavior for hours and hours until those behaviors become habits. 

These “successful” people realize that they have a allotted time to perform a given task. But they don’t just go through the motions when they are doing these tasks. These people give it their all no matter how big or how small the task is. And they are going to be the best person that they can be every time. They are going to repeat the process over and over until their confidence is unshakable. Because when it comes time to win, they are going to do it right. 

Today we can look at these larger than life bodybuilders and most of us disregard their efforts by saying they were born with these god given genetics. Or they’ll play the steroid card saying they cheated to get to where they’re at. But what a lot of people don’t realize is how these bodybuilders built their “wall.” 

One rep at a time!

They started with one single brick the first time they set foot in a gym and they set it down as perfectly as they could. Then they came back the next day to set another brick. And then another. They gave it their heart and their soul through every single rep, every single set and every single gym session! And those series of monotonous actions eventually led them to where they are at today.

This is how you build confidence. By repetitive actions. 

These series of actions, if done correctly, can transcend to any facet of our lives. 

But you have to earn it. You cannot buy it and you sure as hell won’t get it handed to you.

It’s easy to have faith in yourself when you’re a winner…what you have to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner.” Vince Lombardi 

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  1. Totally agree, too many people in life are waiting for things to be handed to them. It takes a real winner to face their fears and take what they want. “Do today what others won`t, to have tomorrow what others don`t”

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