Chest and Shoulders – Nov 13th

There was nothing fancy about this workout. Just some grit and some heavy ass weights.

Flat dumbbell press: 4-5 sets pyramiding up in weight. Last set was a grind. Didn’t go to heavy as the new gym only has 110 pounds dumbbells. I went up to the 110 pounders and used bands for added resistance. Then I did 5 sets of failure with that weight, resting only 30 seconds between sets. That was absolutely brutal.

Incline Smith Machine Bench: I took my time with these and worked up to 315 pounds for 5 sets of 5. Chest was already fried from first exercise so these were a grind.

Hammer Chest Machine w/Bands: Worked up to a heavy weight and did 4 sets of 6. After each set of 6, I did partials until I reached absolute failure.

Seated Cable Flys: 5 sets of 8. All were done with a 3 second negative and a 2 second squeeze at the flex position.

Seated Side Raises: 4 Sets of 12-15. After each set I dropped the weight and immediately did heavy partials till failure.

Rear Delts on Reverse Pec Dec: 4 sets of 30, 25, 20, 15. Rest time was 30 seconds and I went up in weight each set.

Machine Shoulder presses: 4 sets of 8-12. Again, all were done with a 2 second negative and a good squeeze on the top.

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