Bleed For It

Often, we hear people talk about working hard and putting in the work, hustling till they die, or beasting it out. While these clichés are nice to get you through a workout or a long cardio session, at the end of the day we are still left with one simple question: Did we do enough?

So, you worked hard for 90 minutes at the gym, you put in the time, you sweat your assoff, you may have even felt better than yesterday so you did a bit of cardio. But did you do enough?

Sure, you put in some work, you hustled your ass off and you may have even been a beast about it. But did you do enough?

Did you make sure that you had absolutely nothing left in the tank when you walked out of the gym? Did you make sure to do one more rep than the person before you and the person after you?

Did you do enough? Were you willing to bleed for it?

Success in bodybuilding and in life is not about how much you have accomplished. Success is about what you are willing to do to get where you want to be.

Were you willing to go the extra mile or put in the extra Forced Reps? Most people would immediately answer with a confident and absolute ‘Yes!” But the truth is most people don’t do what it takes to win. They don’t go the extra rounds or put in
the extra time on the treadmill. They think they do enough, and the truth is they do in fact do enough. They do enough just like 90% of people out there. But doing enough in any aspect of our lives only gets us so far. Doing enough is what is expected of us and when we do only what is expected of us, we are settling for average. And we were not put here to be average.  

So, what does it mean to be willing to Bleed for It?

Bram Stoker said, “Blood is life…and it shall be mine.” Blood is what gives us life. So
are we willing to give up some of our life for our cause. Are we willing to bleed for it and are we willing to give up a part of our life so that we will not die as average men?

History is written with blood. Blood of victors and blood of failures. Blood of winners and losers. From Hernan Cortes to Marcus Aurelius, Jordan to Bryant, these men wrote their own history because they were willing to bleed for what they believed in. They were willing to die for their cause because being average was not in their DNA. When Cortes burned down his own ships, knowing he was outnumbered three to one, he did it because he was willing to bleed for it. When Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final game on April 14, 2016, his body was falling apart on him, but he did it because he was willing to bleed for it. When Jordan played the infamous “Flu Game” he did it because he was willing to bleed for it.

History is written with blood. Blood from people who were willing to sacrifice everything they had so that they could not only win, but destroy everyone in their way. It is also written with blood from people who did “just enough.” Those who were willing to bleed, are still talked about today while those who did just enough are only examples of mediocrity.

Write your own history. Don’t be an example. But you better be willing to bleed for it.


“Peace, above all things, is to be desired, but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equable and lasting term.” Andrew Jackson

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