Reasons to Love Bodybuilding

Three Reasons to Love Bodybuilding.

1. Lessons Learned

From being disciplined to better time management, I have learned several life lessons from bodybuilding. I have learned lessons that not only apply to bodybuilding, but also apply to any aspect of life as well. I learned how to commit to a goal and how to be relentless in my pursuit of that goal. I learned that every day is an opportunity to be great and every day you don’t seize that is an opportunity missed. I learned that no matter how much weight you have on your shoulders, if you want it bad enough and if you work hard enough, that son of a bitch will move. Hundreds upon hundreds of lessons learned in my journey, but the most important thing I have ever learned is that I am unbreakable.


2. Mental Toughness

Bodybuilding gives you mental toughness. To a certain extent, life has been pretty easy for me. Maybe it wasn’t easy, but I made it easy by conforming to mediocrity. In high school I never studied and I graduated with almost a 4.0 grade point average. In college my G.P.A wasn’t as great but I busted through it without much sacrifice. I found the love of my life at an early age and I got a great job after college. You see, I never had the need for mental toughness until I discovered bodybuilding. I wasn’t mentally tough and I got my ass handed to me over and over. I was half-assing my workouts and my diet because I wasn’t mentally tough and bodybuilding made me realize that the hard way. Because I of bodybuilding I became mentally tough and since I started my journey I have gotten my ass kicked in this sport and in life repeatedly. But because I learned that mental toughness, I have been able to face my fears, run through brick walls and learn from every one of my failures. Because of mental toughness I acquired in bodybuilding, I am one step closer to becoming the person I am supposed to become.


3. Hard to Kill

The third reason I love bodybuilding is because it made me hard to kill. Over the last ten years, I have suffered injury after injury: fractured bones, torn muscles off the bone, dislocated shoulders and several others. The injuries keep piling up and I refuse to die.

I have gotten my heart ripped out a majority of the times I have stepped on stage. I have put in decades of work, only to watch it all crumble. But I refuse to die.

I am far from invincible, but I will be damned if I’m not hard to kill.


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  1. Great Post! Really enjoyed reading this. Although i don`t compete in bodybuilding contests I have a great love of training as if I do so on some level I can relate.


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