If you’ve ever played poker you’re comfortable with the term “All-in.” It’s that moment when you commit everything you have, and you lay it all on the line for the win.

Going all in is one of the most daunting experiences for a poker player. If they win, they get to essentially double their winnings and get a chance to keep playing. If they lose, they are done. There are no second chances in poker. The hands you are dealt will either make you or break you. It is win or die.

When you go all in you need to be one hundred percent committed to your hand. You need to remove all doubt and uncertainty. You need to own the fact that what you have in front of you is going to destroy anybody that gets in your way. You need to be convinced that they don’t even belong in the room with you. The beautiful thing about poker is that you can convince yourself and everybody around you that what you have is unbeatable. You can convince the world that you are a world class poker player; and them, being in that room, at that moment, will be one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. But it all starts with convincing yourself first and believing that you are UNBREAKABLE. Then it will no longer be a competition, because at this very moment, your thoughts, your actions and your hand are going to completely dominate. Competition went out the window and domination kicked the damn door down and took its place.

That is how you go all-in!

However, that “All-In” philosophy doesn’t apply to just poker. “All-In” is the perfect metaphor for any endeavor you approach in life. If you have a vision of what you want your life to be, then you need to go all-in on that vision. You need the type of GRIT that is going to allow you to stack up every one of your chips and lay them on the line. Remember, there is no competition – only complete domination. The minute you start to compete, you will get your ass handed to you. Shift your mindset from competition to domination and you can make statues crumble.

Jordan, Napoleon, Khan, Aurelius – All these men had one thing in common: They weren’t worried about competition, they were fixated on completely dominating.

But, like every other successful person, they first had to convince themselves of their greatness. Nobody was going to believe that they would completely dominate in their area unless they believed themselves first.

Those four men failed multiple times. Some even failed to a point where they were pushed to the brink. But after each failure, their belief and their conviction grew stronger. And every time life punched them in the face, they got up. And every time they got up, the world took notice. And they got up enough times that they convinced not only themselves, but also convinced the world that nothing was going to stand in their way because they were all-in! It was win or die, and they were not ready to die.

Unlike poker, in this thing called life, we have the ability to go “All-In” over and over again. The magic in this, is that in life, you don’t run out of chips. You may get dealt a shitty hand. You may get your ass kicked repeatedly. You may even get kicked while you are down. But the minute you get up, you are dealt a brand-new hand with a new stack of chips. And you get to go “All-In” one more time.


Get up enough times and you will convince the world that you are here to dominate.


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