3 Rules for Dieting

Rule 1 – Consistency

When it comes to dieting, for fat loss or muscle gain, the most important thing in the entire process is to stay consistent. As cliche as it sounds, “the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” The catch here is that the first step must be followed by the next step, and then the next step and the next step. We have to consistently keep taking those steps in order to complete this thousand mile journey.


Rule 2 – A little goes a long way

So you have everything set up. You decided you need to cut calories by 400 a day. Now your diet looks perfect, your schedule and training is all aligned so you go all in for a week. Surprisingly, you only lose one pound. What now? Feeling frustrated you decide to eliminate carbohydrates all together. So for the next week you loose 3-4 founds. The following week you lose another 2-3 pounds. In 3-4 weeks, the weight loss comes to a slow crawl and before you know it, you stop making progress. What now? You already cut all your carbs. You’re already in a big deficit. So now you have to starve yourself even more to burn fat. That is why it is essential that we make small, incremental losses. In the long run, it is a healthier and more productive way to get rid of fat.


Rule 3 – Stick to the plan

Patience is one of the biggest flaws we have as humans. Instant gratification has become the norm. We want things fast and we them now. The same applies to losing weight or gaining muscle. We want to lose or gain as much as possible and as fast as humanly possible. With the example given above (Rule 2), let’s imagine we cut our carbs to zero and after one week of dieting, we decide to jump on the scale. Shockingly, we only lost 1 pound. All that week of dieting and only one pound of weight loss to show for it. Frustrated, we come to the conclusion that the no-carb approach does not work for our body types. So what next? Most often, we decide to take your strategy in a completely different direction. If the no-carb approach did not work, then adding all the carbs back in and removing fats will sure work, right? What if that approach doesn’t work? Or the next approach? The truth is ALL approaches work towards dieting if they are done in the correct manner and if people are methodical about them as well as patient. Stick to one approach long enough to see it come to fruition


The rules listed above are part of the introduction to an e-book being released soon. The book contains strategies and ideas for setting up the right eating plan and making it work for you by constantly adjusting your macronutrient intake, your cardio and your training. 

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