Arms January 2nd

This arm workout was a bit different. It was an all out workout with only two giant sets. Duration was about 45 minutes as rest times were kept anywhere from 40-60 seconds.

After a few warm up sets and making sure blood was flowing, we went right into it:

Giant set number 1: (5 rounds)

Cambered bar rope pushdowns x 15

Dumbbell curls (both hands at the same time, palms facing up) x 8

Overhead extension x15

Hammer curls x 8

Battle ropes 15-20 seconds

Rest 40 seconds and repeat

Giant set number 2: (5 rounds)

Preacher curl machine: each set consisted of 8,7,6,4,3, and 2 reps, resting 5-seconds after each mini set.

Close-grip bench x 8

V-bar press downs (drop set) 8 x 8 x 8

Knee ups 10

Rest 45 seconds and repeat

That was it for this workout. A lot of intensity, plus keeping the heart rate up made it that much harder.

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