Earn your regrets

Regret: a feeling of disappointment over something that has happened or been done

Let’s face it, this is life, and regrets are part of life

We all have one or two moments in life that we wish we could get back

Not doing enough of this or doing too much of that

Those regrets are more than likely cause by our own fears

Fear of failure

Fear of mediocrity

Fear of judgement

Fear of giving everything and getting nothing in return

So we let those fears be the cause of our regrets

So I have regrets?

More than I care to mention

But my regrets aren’t caused by fear

See, I earned everyone of my regrets

I regret the torn pec. But I earned it

I regret the pain in my knees. But I earned it

I regret the pain I wake up with every morning. But I earned

I regret the hours of solitude. But I earned that regret

Everyone of my regrets has been earned through my blood, sweat and sacrifice that I have poured into my passion

My regrets will never be due to fear

My regrets will be earned

Earn your regrets

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