Grit is Ugly

We can’t make grit be pretty

Grit is nasty and there’s no way to shine it up

Life isn’t just the highlight reels

Yes, the highlight reels get the likes and make people come back over and over

But we can’t negate what got us those highlight reels

To truly understand what winning is, we have to show the grit

And we can’t pretty it up

We can’t pretty up callused hands and we sure as hell can’t make a highlight reel of every time we fell flat on our faces

There’s nothing pretty about spending ⅓ of your life on your craft only to get punched in the fucking face by the force of average

There’s nothing pretty about hitting rock bottom over and over to a point of pure insanity

True grit is ugly

And nobody wants to see ugly

People don’t love ugly

And they don’t want the truth

Nobody wants to know how many hours you spent mastering your craft

Or how many sleepless nights you had trying to figure out how to get back up again

And nobody in hell wants to see how hard it is to get out of bed at 3:30 with your knees swollen only to spend an hour in solitude on a rundown treadmill with nothing in front of it but a 10×10 wall and a 12 inch poster of Man in the Arena

Nobody gives a shit how hard you worked

They only want the highlight reel

So give them their highlight reel

But it’s going to take true fucking grit to give them something pretty

Bleed for a decade and then give them what they want to see

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