Be Arrogant

There is one life choice that will alter our lives

We either play small or we play to fucking win

You either bunt or you swing for the stars

Whatever you’re thinking, don’t bunt

Don’t ever play small

Aim for hitting it out of park every single time

Swing so hard that you aim for company of immortals

Babe Ruth is immortalized because he had the arrogance to call his shot

So be arrogant in your belief that you can hit anything thrown at you out of the fucking park

Remember, you are worthy of people knowing your name

Even if you don’t believe it yet

The only difference between being remembered and being forgotten is having the ability and arrogance to call your shot.

People are scared to strike the fuck out

So they obsess with not striking out

And they put so much effort into not striking out

That when they strike out, they’re not even surprised

It’s this simple: if you think about striking out, you’re going to strike out

But if you have have the audacity to call your shot and believe in the core of your soul that you can hit it out of the park

Then you won’t be surprised when you hit it out of the park

Instead of being obsessed with striking out

Be obsessed with everything that can go right

Be obsessed with aiming for the company of immortals

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