Heavy Weight Vs Light Weight 


September 1, 2017

What percentage of my max do I use for my working sets?

As a bodybuilder, max percentages do not mean much at all. Yes it’s nice to be able to say you bench 300, 400 or even 500 pounds, but the goal for bodybuilding should be hypertrophy. So what percentage for a set of 12? What every percentage is going to make those 12 reps a grind. So when we say a hard set of 12, it better be a set that’s going to make you question life in that very moment. It can be 100 pounds or it can be 25 pounds, but it better be hard. And when the workout calls for failure, you better make sure you leave nothing on whatever platform you are on. Failure means absolute failure.

Am I too lean? Should I increase my calories?

Absolutely not. End of story.



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