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If you’re a visitor to this site, chances are you are afflicted with the same disease as we.  While you put one foot in front of the other, day in and day out, nothing is ever quite enough to quiet the hunger that burns inside you.  You never stop pushing yourself further and further, smashing personal records and striving to prove them all wrong.  However, despite all the gains, and all the victories, every win in life seems to push even newer goals further along down your path, almost as if you’re staring into an old funhouse mirror.  You never quite get the chance to declare with pride, “I have arrived!

Welcome to Forced Rep.  We know what you’re training for.  We know your competition.  We know what it’s like to never truly “arrive.”  We know that greatness hides within the wrinkles of “how.”

At Forced Rep, we know that like us, you will always reach for the next evolutionary edge and we hope you will join us in that journey.  This is the home of rising above and going beyond.  Beyond the training.  Beyond the diet.  Beyond fitness.



Junior Magana’s Story:


My love for bodybuilding began as a child. Like a lot of other “90’s” kids, I was a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. And the truth is, I’m still a huge fan of both of them, and to a certain extent, both have become my childhood heroes (if that’s the right word).

I started lifting weights in my late teens. I took it up as a way to feed my insecurities. I was a tall, skinny kid, who hated his own shadow. Soon after I started lifting weights, I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was subscribing to all the Flex and Muscular Development Magazines out there.

I got the itch to get on stage at the age of 30 and went on to compete in the Tahoe Show (Now one of the biggest shows on the West Coast), and I have been competing ever since.

Coaching happened naturally as I progressed in bodybuilding. Like many coaches, I started out by helping a good friend compete. Then another friend and another. Before long, I became pretty well known for coaching and helping people get in incredible shape.

To this day I have competed a multitude of times and have even won an overall and a few first place trophies. I have coached a number of individuals (both men and women) and have been blessed to have been able to help so many people change the way they live their lives.

Ryan McNally’s Story:

As a child in the late 1980’s, I remember seeing many of my heroes on the big screen, as well as in the ring, and wondering how any mortal man could emulate what I saw as “action figures.”  Icons ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers in the movie “Predator” to Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior behind the ropes left an indelible mark on me growing up.  So much so, that I can vividly remember begging Santa Claus for a real weight set and having my parents stare at me doubtfully as I pleaded my case.  And, lo and behold, at 9 years old with considerable excitement, a child’s sand-filled barbell set was there under the tree one Christmas morning.

The next thing I knew, I was dragging my parents to the mall nutrition shop to buy a can of “Ico-Pro” protein powder, which was advertised by none other than Bret “The Hitman” Hart in all the magazines.

However, to my great disappointment, the clerk was quick to point out that a whey protein supplement would likely be a waste of money for a ten-year-old and… well, that was that.  I would spend the next seven years knowing that my gains were only a can or two of this magic powder away.

IMG_2829Nevertheless, as a junior in high school, my mom surprised me with a membership to the local gym, where I’ve paid my dues ever since and where I continue to train 19 years later.

Of course, that isn’t to say I haven’t trained at countless other gyms over that time, most memorably, for years as a Deputy in the basement of the local Sheriff’s Department, which was unfathomably hot and rancid.  It was quite literally, a proverbial “iron dungeon.”

And, almost as if a cliche, when you visit any true iron dungeon across the country you’ll certainly find a treasure trove of well-worn issues of “Flex” and “Muscle and Fitness” magazines casually tossed about.  I remember thumbing through issues from the mid-1990’s, then a decade old, and seeing crazy bright neon bikini’s and real life “Greek statues” with acid washed denim fanny packs slung around their waists as they trained at Gold’s Venice… “Mecca,” it was called.  Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Ronnie Coleman all posed in cheesy pictures but beyond the over the top styling, it was the ability to transform a physique so dramatically that kept me moving forward.

Like a modeler molding clay, the human body has a remarkable ability to transform in response to resistance and nutrition, and that is what it all boils down to.

DSC_5206As I’ve lifted my entire adult life, I’ve also reaped immeasurable rewards from it.  Aside from gaining size and strength, my professional career has flourished.  As a bodybuilder, you never blend in with the crowd.  For better or worse, you will always stand out.

Fortunately for me, being the “big, bald guy” has opened countless doors just by creating the groundwork for a good conversation.  It turns out that “how much do you bench,” and, “I lifted in college” can be tremendous ice breakers.

Today, as the chief executive of a large organization, I cannot attribute my success to anything other than the tenacity bodybuilding has given me.  It showed me how to push.  The push for higher education combined with the drive to climb the rungs of the ladder was instilled into me just the same as the push to be bigger and stronger.  Like a symphony, one aspect of your life tends to bleed into another.

As apprentices of this “culture,” I think we are all affected by insecurities.  Why else do we always push to be better than we were yesterday?  Simply put, it is the desire to improve upon our weaknesses that keep people like us moving forward.  And I know that applies to YOU reading this because you’re here opposed to browsing Facebook or some other “clickbait” showcasing what’s on TMZ.

With Forced Rep, it is my sincere hope to motivate others and teach what I have learned because what I am talking about is not some esoteric knowledge for the few.  It is how to be a better person both physically, personally and professionally and we all benefit from that.

Furthermore, it is my hope that you contribute to Forced Rep equally, because just as the internet has revolutionized the way we learn, the collective sharing of knowledge is the way human evolution moves forward and that desire to evolve is why we do what we do.


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